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5 Reasons you should Read Romance Novels

People have different opinions when it comes to reading romance novels. Of course, many people love reading romance novels, and a few others do not mind reading them. But few people who love reading books do not read romance novels for odd reasons. Yes, romance novels are unrealistic and can stir varying emotions. However, there are also some cools reasons as to why you can always read romance novels without hesitation only if you learn to take them in the right spirit.

Here are some of the cool reasons as to why you should read romance novels.

Romance Novels

Reasons to read romance novels:

Women have strong characters:

Most people who are not too much into romance novels have a misconception that romance novels objectify women, which in most cases isn’t true. In fact, it is in romance novels women get to have strong roles. Novels are taken from the woman’s perspective, and she is the one pulling strings all the time. For all good reasons, women and love go together. So, if you are a feminist or do not mind a woman taking centre stage, then you have a good reason to read romance novels.

The ‘Expectations Theory’ isn’t true:

One of the common criticisms when it comes to romance novels is that they tend to misguide the reader and might push them to have unrealistic thoughts about love and life. Readers of romance novels clearly know that this is truly a hoax. It is true that a reader is closely connected to the characters of the story and we become one with the plot. However, it is quite easy to get disconnected once you finish the novel.

Fear of being judged:

In most cases, people who read romance novels tend to avoid carrying their books in public as the book cover can be quite embarrassing. You guys can go online. There are also other reasons such as being judged for reading a romance novel. People must seriously get a life. People who read romance novels need not have to be in love. This is quite equivalent to concluding that people who read murder mysteries commit murders and are probably reading books to steal better ideas.

The second most popular genre:

Though being widely criticised and judged romance is the second most popular genres. There are a lot of people every year who buy romance novels and the most of the books that are published in a year will either be a self-help one or a romance novel. So go with the world and read romance novels it is not an offense.

One perfect escape:

Unlike the other genres that require a lot of attention, romance is universal and one language that all of us understand. So it doesn’t take a lot of your efforts to understand, you simply start reading, and you will go along with the float.

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